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How to Handle a Tailgater

Having a tailgater on your heels when you're driving can quickly turn into a road rage situation if you aren't careful. Here's what you can do to keep it from escalating:

  • If someone is tailgating you don't pump your brakes at them. This is usually done to get the tailgater to back up, but this could cause them to get angry and react in an unwanted way toward you.
  • If someone is tailgating you and they are making you feel as though you are in danger, take the first turn you can safely take. Once you feel safe again you can resume your normal route. If the tailgater continues to follow you, make random turns, and if they're still following drive to the police station.
  • If you are not driving faster than the rest of the traffic then you should stay in the right-hand lane. The left lane is intended for passing slower vehicles, and if you're in the passing lane driving slowly that could irritate other drivers and cause them to tailgate your vehicle.
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