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Top Signs That Your Exhaust Needs Work

The exhaust system on your vehicle is responsible for carrying dangerous gases from the engine away from the vehicle and out the tailpipe. These are a few signs the exhaust system may be leaking.

When you can hear a popping or hissing sound coming from the engine, this is a sign of potential exhaust trouble. It is also possible that you will hear strange sounds coming from the tailpipe, so pay very close attention.

Another way that you will be able to tell the exhaust system in the vehicle is leaking is if you start to notice a new vibration when you sit in the seat, touch the steering wheel, or put your foot on the accelerator. This may be a sign of rust on the exhaust pipe and dangerous gas leaking into the cabin.

The trouble with a leaking exhaust is you can't always hear anything for serious issues to exist. Let our Honda diagnostic team at Priority Honda Chesapeake inspect the system if any of these signs exist.

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