Here's What You Need to Know About Summer Tires

If you're a vehicle owner, you understand just how important it is to keep your car in fantastic condition. You need to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance checks and oil changes, but did you know that you also need to make sure you're using the right tires?

Summer tires are a great way to drive when you live in a warm climate or when you're dealing with a particularly hot summer. These tires enable you to grip the road tightly and will help ensure you don't slide as you're driving. 

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Give Your Car a Smooth Finish with a Clay Bar

You may have heard of clay detailing or watched professionals use clay bars as a way to detail your own vehicle at some point. Using detailing clay on your vehicle's finish is relatively easy as long as you follow basic safety procedures.

Just what are the benefits of using this clay, though? Regular washing will usually take care of road dust and dirt that is a daily fact of life when using a car. However, tiny debris particles can stick to the surface of your vehicle and eventually embed themselves into it, causing spots that look like rust to…

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A Vehicle History Report Gives You the Facts

Used cars can be an excellent investment. Not only can they be exceptionally reliable as well as great-looking, they can also be a strong value in the market. However, it's important that you know more about the car that you're buying before you make a commitment to your next vehicle.

A vehicle history report can go a long way toward answering your questions. Based on a search of the car's vehicle information number or VIN, this kind of report provides details about the ownership history and past use of a particular car.  

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Why Car Covers are Important to Protect Your Vehicle

The purpose of a car cover is to protect your car from a number of forces working to diminish its interior and exterior appearance. Here are a few of the ways the car cover will help protect your vehicle.

Things like tree sap or bird droppings can eat away at the paint on the exterior of the car the longer they are left. Instead of washing the car day after day to preserve the exterior, the car cover will keep anything from getting on the paint. 

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Finding a Honda Mechanic to Trust

Priority Honda Chesapeake wants nothing but the best for you and your vehicle, and we know the importance of finding a good mechanic. You need to look for someone who you can trust to work on your vehicle.

When you are looking for a mechanic you can trust, you should talk to the people who are a part of your life. Get information from them. Find out who they have trusted with their vehicles. See if there is anyone they would like you to avoid.  

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Are You Ready to Try a New Hatchback?

A hatchback vehicle is one that is very practical and can really bring a lot of life to your vehicle. Some vehicles have this type of body as their standard feature, but if you would like, some vehicles can upgrade the trunk option to a hatchback design. If you aren't sure of which style you would prefer, let's take a look at some of the reasons why a hatchback is a great option.

When you are toting around plenty of groceries, shopping bags and your children's sporting equipment, you need a good amount of access to your…

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Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

If your tires are a few years old but still in good shape, a good cleaning can make them look almost new again. In a few years when the tread is really worn down, you can invest in a new set. Let's take a look at some of our simple tire cleaning tips that can help you get the job done yourself.

  • First, you are going to want to soap up your tires nicely to get them clean. Use only a mild, diluted dish detergent or products specifically made for your brand of tire.
  • When you are done, dry…
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Spring Car Care Most Vehicles Need

Spring car care means different things to drivers. Some drivers perform most their own maintenance year-round, while others only do it in the spring. Doing it yourself or taking it to the shop is also often a dilemma. Stop at the Priority Honda Chesapeake service center and speak with us about spring car care. We can provide you with the services or a checklist of what you can or cannot do yourself.

Here are some things that vehicles typically need in the spring. Some you can do yourself, while others you may not wish to tackle.

  • Refill windshield wash
  • Change…
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Top Signs That Your Exhaust Needs Work

The exhaust system on your vehicle is responsible for carrying dangerous gases from the engine away from the vehicle and out the tailpipe. These are a few signs the exhaust system may be leaking.

When you can hear a popping or hissing sound coming from the engine, this is a sign of potential exhaust trouble. It is also possible that you will hear strange sounds coming from the tailpipe, so pay very close attention. 

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How to Avoid Hydroplaning

One of the scariest situations you can encounter while driving is hydroplaning. It occurs when there’s more water on the ground than your vehicle can push through. When you feel that gliding sensation, it’s because the water has taken control of your car’s wheels by coming between them and the road’s surface.

There are some precautions you can take to avoid hydroplaning. One of them, of course, is to slow down while in a downpour or when you’re approaching standing water. Aside from reducing your speed, the correct way to avoid this situation is to…

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